Automotive Performance

Racers, start your engine! But you hear something tinkering in your engine. Something is not quite ready for the racetrack. Auto FX Performance is ready to give you the green light after we are done with the proper car maintenance.

Our years of experience has equipped us to repair your car, starting from the brakes to the exhaust pipes. Being safe and having fun are important values to us, as they are to you. We have hired professional and knowledgeable mechanics that will prepare your car for any distance.

Auto FX Performance’s full service auto repair services include oil changes, tire alignments, brake inspection and other repairs. We want to make sure everything is running smoothly inside and out. We will thoroughly inspect your car to ensure high quality operation.

Our competent team members also offer excellent race preparation and support to help you qualify for the next round. If you’re new to the playing field, we will share you race and track driver instruction and knowledge on proper care for your car. We will reinvent your race car to make it run at its full capacity.

For the best Automotive Performance call and come visit us today! Auto FX Performance


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